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  Black Turtle
Cranberry Beans
Dutch Brown Beans
Faba Beans
Great Northern
Red Kidney Beans
Pink Beans
Pinto Beans
Soya Beans(Non-GMO)
White Kidney Beans
  Crimson (Red) Lentil
Eston Class
French Green
Laired Class
Red Lentil (Split & Whole)
Robin Lentil
Spanish Brown
Canerio Seed
Flax Seed
Mille Seed
Mustard Seed
Sesame Seed
Sunflower Seed(Oil & confictionery)
  Beaf/Diry Feed
Bird Feed
Horse Feed
Pet Feed
Poultry Feed
Australian Winter Peas
Green Peas
Maple Peas
Marrowfat Peas
Yellow Peas
Desi Chickpea
Kabuli Chickpea
B-90 Chickpea
Transparency is our business credo. The result is a smooth running operation, trusted and respected by every link in the chain, from bin to buyers warehouse.
Ideal Impex can respond to your every need, delivering superior produce in the quickest, most wholesome and affordable way.Put our team of professionals to work for you.



Head office is located in Toronto, the capital of Ontario.
Ideal Impex is an international exporter of the province's best lentils, pulses and grains, for human consumption and animal feed. We are a fast growing company, building our reputation on highest quality of produce, combined with rapid delivery, Competitive pricing and year round service. We take a hands-on-approach, individualizing each other to our customer’s unique needs. We are noted for our rigid standards, honesty and the strict adherence to Saskatchewan’s regulatory and documentation requirements.
Our item has 15 years of experience. We have deep knowledge of Saskatchewan’s rich soil and produce. We guarantee that delivers will be prompt and that all orders will be fresh and properly graded. Our products are completely free of chemical and biological contaminants, and shipped by state-of –art methods.